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About the Artist


Gregory Kuiper is a Canadian fine art photographer. He travels extensively searching for inspiration for his images. In 2014 he released his first fine art photography book: A Day In Paris.  Kuiper has mentored with several fine art photographers to help him realize his vision; among them were Rorber Farber and Allen Birnbach.

Robert Farber:

"When you look at Gregory Kuiper’s images you see a sensitivity, a mood, an understanding of form and composition; but there is actually even more. I’ve learned through the years what a challenge it can be to instill a creative vision in a photographer who has already gained success in other non-artistic fields; most photographers just don’t get it. You can see from Kuiper's images that he’s the exception. He has found a deep sensitivity to life and its surroundings that has translated into a vision."

Allan Burnbach:

“Gregory Kuiper is one of those extroverted people who dazzles you with his wit, charm and insightful mind. No wonder that he brings all of that to his images. Following in a long tradition going back to Atget, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt and Lee Friedlander, he celebrates the beauty in a vibrant city environment. Landscapes, architecture, people and objects are all fertile ground for his inquisitive mind and perceptive eye. The resulting photographs have beauty, yes, but also a sense of intimacy, pathos and at times, great humor. The images speak both to the man and his humanity, and his fascination with the world he so clearly loves.”

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